The Enhancement Detail is true to its name. It is made for a vehicle that’s already had it’s paint polished and protected by us, and does not require a full paint correction. It’s the perfect service to use for your vehicle’s yearly check-up. Over time, small but noticeable imperfections can blemish the surface of your vehicle preventing it from showing its true shine. This service works to enhance an already built foundation of gloss and signature shine.


  • Vacuum interior and trunk areas
  • Air Purge under seats, in vents, and through cracks and crevices
  • Steam clean all interior parts
  • Deep clean all leather, vinyl, and plastic
  • Apply a UV blocker and moisturizer to vinyl, plastic, and leather
  • Pre-treat carpet and upholstery for stains
  • Deep clean carpet and upholstery using hot water extraction
  • Clean door jams
  • Clean glass inside and outside
  • Clean and decontaminate Engine Bay

and Outside

  • Clean outside with an extensive wash process using the two bucket system in a pH-neutral foam shampoo
  • Clean front-face of wheels in addition to cleaning behind spokes and inner rim
  • Clean wheel wells and arches by hand
  • Thorough paint decontamination that cleanses the pores of the paint
  • Dry with a waffle-weave towel
  • Air broom all cracks and crevices to eliminate trapped water
  • Condition tires with non-sling dressing
  • Machine polish paint to give paint a brilliant shine and gloss without correction
  • Apply a synthetic express wax









For heavy protection ask for a paint sealant for an additional $50