& Ride

This is by far our most popular service. By combining an extensive interior detail with a minor paint correction, this package was created for a vehicle that has been neglected and needs a bit of reviving. It works especially well for a recently purchased used vehicle or a vehicle that has never been polished. Bad washing and drying methods along with strong chemicals can damage your paint and give it a dull, hazy appearance. This superior service can reverse these bad procedures and do away with scratches, light swirls, and oxidation. 30 to 40 hours of work


  • Complementary light vacuum
  • Complementary interior ¬†wipe down

and Outside

  • Clean outside with an extensive wash process using the two bucket system in a pH-neutral foam shampoo
  • Clean front-face of wheels in addition to cleaning behind spokes and inner rim
  • Clean wheel wells and arches by hand
  • Thorough paint decontamination that cleanses the pores of the paint
  • Dry with a waffle-weave towel
  • Air broom all cracks and crevices to eliminate trapped water
  • Condition tires with non-sling dressing
  • Two-Stage paint correction to remove surface defects, refine paint, and give it a polished/jeweled look
  • Apply a single layer synthetic paint sealant /wax









*All prices listed are starting prices.
Evaluation is necessary to determine level of surface defects