New Car


It’s extremely rare for a brand new vehicle to come off the lot completely free from surface imperfections. Oftentimes, a new car that you think is perfect and unmarred has actually experienced damage to its paint. This includes industrial fallout from its time at the factory, build-up of iron deposits during delivery by train and truck, months outside sitting exposed to the elements, and improper washing techniques from dealerships. Our New Car Preservation service can reverse these issues and preserve the newness of your vehicle to keep it looking showroom ready.


  • Vacuum interior and trunk areas
  • Wipe down all leather, vinyl, and plastic
  • Air purge under seats, in vents, and through cracks and crevices
  • Apply a UV blocker and moisturizer to vinyl, plastic, and leather
  • Clean door jambs
  • Clean glass

and Outside

  • Clean outside with an extensive wash process using the two bucket system in a pH-neutral foam shampoo
  • Clean front-face of wheels in addition to cleaning behind spokes and inner rim
  • Clean wheel wells and arches by hand
  • Thorough paint decontamination that cleanses the pores of the paint
  • Dry with a waffle-weave towel
  • Air broom all cracks and crevices to eliminate trapped water
  • Condition tires with non-sling dressing
  • One-Stage machine polish to remove minor defects and enhance gloss and shine
  • Apply a single layer synthetic paint sealant /wax









*All prices listed are starting prices.
Evaluation is necessary to determine level of surface defects